Publishing Your Hugo Site on Netlify

You have a Hugo site created and also have a GitHub repository for the site. Now, you can deploy the site for free via Netlify.

First, if you do not already have a Netlify account, create one. Then, login to Netlify.

If you search for your repo and do not find it, select the Configure Netlify on GitHub button.

Configure Netlify on GitHub

Then select where, which GitHub account, you want to install Netlify:

Install Netlify in GitHub

In the Repository access section select the Only select repositories radio button and then the Select repositories drop down button. After selecting the desired repository, select the Save button.

Repository access

Now you have your repo, select either its Private or Public visibility from GitHub. In my case, this repository is Private:

Continuous Deployment section

Finally, make sure that you have the desired Branch to deploy selected and then deploy the site to Netlify by selecting the Deploy site button.

Branch to deploy

Once Netlify has completed the deployment of your site, select the link and view it.

Select link

You can rename the subdomain of your site by selecting the Site settings button

Site settings

Then, in the Site information section, select the Change site name button.

Change site name

Now, you have a published site on Netlify that will update with each push to you main branch in your GitHub repository.